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Just One More Thing, Dr. Federici

April 14, 2010

Just one more thing I want to add to my latest response to you, Dr. Federici (well, actually I have more than one more thing, but I couldn’t resist using the line from Columbo). You might want to ask your friends and supporters to stop spreading obvious malicious lies about me all over the internet and issue me a public apology, such as the lie I was fired from FSU, especially since I can and have so easily refuted it by supplying references to anyone giving me their full name and verifiable affiliation, that I left in good standing in every way and the only reason I left was because I graduated. I know they are, at the very least, supporters of yours because in some of the postings, they say glowing things about you, while spreading lies about me.

You and your friends and colleagues’ letters to my Dean, had no impact on my standing at FSU because he informed me that considered their content irrelevant to my work there and thus did not plan to take any action whatsoever with regard to them and did not. The subsequent anonymous e-mails to various faculty members did not help your cause either, as the feedback I got was that they did not consider them credible.

For a summary of some of the nonsensical lies that are being spread about me and my rebuttal, see

I’m having trouble comprehending the reason for such obvious, deliberate lies just because I have expressed my sincerely held concerns about your methods and those of some of your colleagues. You might want to counsel your friends that these lies do not help your cause. A substantive rebuttal on your part, to my concerns including full references to the empirical evidence on the safety of the procedures you recommend, if such evidence exists, would be much more persuasive.

I appreciate the fact that you did respond to me once with the list of the institutions. You might appear more credible if you would continue and engage in a respectful dialogue with me about my concerns, rather than personally attacking me. I am open to having a respectful dialogue with you on this topic.


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