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Press Release: Monica Pignotti’s Latest Coauthored Peer Reviewed Publication

June 21, 2010

Here is a press release on my recently published article.

Authors: Sunil Bhar, Brett Thombs, Monica Pignotti, Marielle Bassel, Lisa Jewett, James C. Coyne and Aaron Beck

Title: Is long term psychodynamic psychotherapy more effective than shorter term therapies? Review and critique of the evidence.

Press release available: Debunking the myths of therapy – Swinburne Media Centre. Note that only the names of the first and senior authors are on the press release, but the above website links directly to the complete article which can be accessed here for anyone interested in reading the article. Predictably, my cyber-smearers have already attempted to imply that I am not an author because my name is not on the press release, but not all of us were listed on the press release and clicking on the PDF here that the press release links to, clearly proves that I am indeed an author.

For those who are trying to smear me as “fringe”, coauthoring an article with Aaron Beck is about as far from fringe as one can get. This is proof that contrary to the lies that are being spread about me that come up on Google searches on my name, I am not only accepted within the mainstream mental health community, I coauthor publications with them.

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  1. Swinburne is one of the research universities of Victoria, Australia. I have heard and read about so many of their works, in such fields as supercomputers, nanotechnology and infant development.

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