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More Lies and Sour Grapes About Jean Mercer’s Legal Win

June 23, 2010

The anonymous bloggers are at it again on that other WordPress blog, this time lying about Jean Mercer. A letter to Ronald Federici was posted from the Judge Judy show that stated “”Our field researchers have selected and
brought to my attention the small claims case…”  Nowhere did it state that Jean Mercer made this request. Yet this letter was posted on that other blog and the claim was made that Jean Mercer made that request when that is not what the letter stated. The Judge Judy researchers found the case and brought it to the attention of the show. Newsflash: Jean Mercer is not a field researcher for Judge Judy.

This particular blogger has an unfortunate habit of posting documents and then writing things on the blog other than what the documents say. Either the blogger has a serious reading comprehension problem or he believes that his readers are stupid.

The latest claim being made by the crackpot anonymous blogger is that someone contacted the producer of Judge Judy to check this out and she claimed that she had been contacted by someone who she was “pretty sure” was Mercer. Pretty sure? I really hope this is not how the Judge Judy show checks people out to see if they were for real. Any female could have contacted the show claiming to be Dr. Mercer. Obviously, if the poster even contacted the show at all and got that response, that is what happened. Someone contacted the show claiming to be Dr. Mercer who, in fact, was not Dr. Mercer. Or the whole thing could have been concocted.

The bottom line being evaded is that Ronald Federici lost his lawsuit against Jean Mercer, Advocates for Children in Therapy and Charly Miller, so now his supporter appear to be left with nothing more than rather pathetic attempts to lie about Judge Judy. While personally, I would have loved to have seen Judge Judy telling off Federici and watching him lose the case on national TV, I’m not at all sure that any of the parties involved would have accepted the invitation, even if Federici had.

Another interesting point is that the blogger noted that Judge Judy would have been considered an arbitration, not a trial. Federici did not agree to appear on Judge Judy but in the Fairfax Court when the people involved in the cases were asked if they would like to participate in an arbitration, according to the report I heard, he wanted to do so. Dr. Mercer declined and consequently the case went before the judge and Federici lost. In other words, Dr. Mercer did not want arbitration, Federici did.

I have the truth directly from Dr. Mercer that she did not ask to be on Judge Judy. She would have no reason to lie to me, but obvious, blatant lies have been spread about us on the internet (e.g. the lie that I was fired from FSU when I was not, the lie that my PhD was revoked when it was not, the lie that Dr. Mercer is transsexual and much more). There would be nothing wrong with it if Dr. Mercer were transsexual but she is not and the people posting it are obviously bigots trying to use this lie to smear her. Obviously the anonymous crackpot bloggers and usenet posters have no credibility after telling these obvious, easily refutable lies and hence, nothing coming from these anonymous individuals can be trusted. I’m sure there will be much more to come.

Based on reports I have of the small claims case, Dr. Mercer was cool, calm, collected and rational while Federici attempted to ask her rambling questions that the judge kept calling him on for being leading questions. The judge finally gave up, put a halt to Federici’s leading questions, and found in favor of Dr. Mercer, ACT, and Charly Miller.

Oh, and one more thing. That blog is evidence that the anonymous blogger has direct ties to Ronald Federici or that someone with direct ties is spreading things to others to post, as the blogger was able to obtain a copy of a letter addressed to Federici. Evidence saved and duly noted.


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