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State of North Carolina v Paul Salvetti

July 28, 2010

This article was updated on July 28, 2010 (see link to additional documents at the end of this posting)

Here are the links for the documents for this case:,%20Paul%20J.doc

Since legal threats have been made to people who attempted to present their views on the case, I will simply provide the links and some key excerpts and leave it to the readers to evaluate their content.

From the above link, the Defendant Appelant’s Brief:

The State then presented DSS attorney Terry Boucher to provide a factual basis.  (Tpp. 6-7)  Boucher stated TS contacted DSS in May 2007 complaining about his parents.  (Tp. 8)  TS was born in Russia and adopted by defendant Paul Salvetti and his then-wife Leslie Salvetti.  (Tp. 10)  Subsequently, Leslie Salvetti died and defendant married Debbie Salvetti.  (Tp. 10)  In 2007, defendant, Debbie Salvetti, TS, and the Salvettis’ three daughters all lived together in an “average everyday middle class home” in Forsyth County.  (Tpp. 8-11)  Boucher stated the Salvettis withdrew TS from school in January 2007 and subsequently “confined” TS inside the house in a bare bedroom with dark windows and no furniture for the next 3 months.  (Tpp. 8-9)  Boucher stated TS “was given very limited food” and “had to earn his way to have regular meals” during this time.  (Tp. 9)  Boucher stated DSS took custody of TS in May 2007 and sent TS to North Carolina Baptist Hospital, where TS gained 10 pounds in about one week on a normal adolescent diet.  (Tp. 9)

The State then called on TS to read a “victim impact statement.”  (Tpp. 11-12)  TS stated he was born in Russia in the 1990s and subsequently adopted and brought to the United States by defendant and Leslie Salvetti.  (Tpp. 12-13, 20)  TS stated that after defendant married Debbie Salvetti in the mid-1990s Debbie at times made him eat poisoned fish, drink his own urine, and hit him with a baseball bat and frying pan.  (Tpp. 13-16)  TS stated both the baseball bat and frying pan incidents were reported to DSS but “nothing happened.”  (Tpp. 16-17)  TS stated in January 2007 his parents took him out of school to be home schooled, locked him in his room, and took him to see a doctor named Federici.  (Tp. 17)  TS stated from February-May 2007 he was “hungry and cold,” lost weight, “was supposed to earn [food] by working,” and “had headaches and stomach aches.”  (Tpp. 17-18)  Since DSS assumed custody, TS had “gone through a period of getting in trouble,” “start[ed] to become self-destructive,” and lived in many different treatment facilities.  (Tpp. 19-20)

Dr. Ronald Federici testified as a defense witness. A summary of his testimony can be found on p. 9-13 of the above-referenced document.

Also, see p. 4-5 of

According to this document dated 19 January, 2010, the Salvettis lost their appeal.

Again, I post this and leave it for the readers to draw their own conclusions and form their own opinions. The full documents are available at the above-referenced link. The ultimate outcome is that the appeals court upheld the conviction of the Salvettis and denied their motion to withdraw their previous guilty plea.

The Winston-Salem Journal reported in 2008 that the two parents (Paul and Debbie Salvetti) will spend 22 to 33 months in prison for starving their son.

The Salvettis were accused of keeping their adopted son, who was 13 at the time, locked in his room for days in May 2007, feeding him so little that he lost weight when he should have been going through a growth spurt, prosecutor Pansy Glanton said.

The boy’s window was painted black to block light and boarded up, Glanton said.

The boy weighed 87 pounds when police officers first spoke to him. When he was treated at a hospital, he gained 10 pounds in four days, according to a search warrant in the case.

Debbie Salvetti had been charged with two counts of felony child abuse inflicting serious injury. Paul Salvetti faced one charge.

The boy escaped by kicking a hole through a wall to a sibling’s room. He spent a night in a park, then went the next morning to a school that he used to attend and told an employee about the abuse, Glanton said.

The Department of Social Services had investigated the Salvettis in February 2007, after the boy accused Debbie Salvetti of hitting him with a frying pan. The investigation did not lead to charges.

The Salvettis had five children. Social-services workers took them from the home and four remain with social services, Glanton said. The fifth is now older than 18.

and here is Federici’s perspective on the case, as reported in the article [Federici was an expert witness for the Salvettis — he was not charged with anything]:

Dr. Ronald Federici, a neuropsychologist hired by the Salvettis who specializes in cases of troubled adopted children, testified that he did not believe the Salvettis committed abuse.

He said he believed that the boy was unmanageable and tended to lie. The boy’s medical tests and appearance did not support an allegation of starvation, he said.

The Salvettis had consulted Federici after the first social-services investigation but before the one that led to charges.

Federici said he suggested a plan for the boy in which he would steadily have to earn privileges.

Federici said after the verdict that he thought “this case was coerced” by the social workers working with the boy.

Again, I will leave it for the readers to decide whether the social workers made a wise decision. Based on the appeal decision, the courts seem to have agreed with the social workers.

Two of the comments on the above article were from individuals who claimed to be the boy (then 16) and his sister.

Additionally, Debbie Sue Salvetti filed a complaint against the Georgia Bar Association plus 30 others. Here is a link to the document showing that her case was dismissed (she lost).  The 30 defendants of this now dismissed law suit included: courts, judges, sheriff departments, child protective services and employees, bar associations and psychologists/therapists. I will write a separate article on this complaint.

According to the Winston-Salem Journal, both Salvettis, as convicted child abusers, are serving sentences and are due to be released from prison in June.

Update: According to the latest court documents, found at, Salvetti’s appeal was denied in February 2010 and in June 2010 his request for a discretionary review was denied [this is important because the claim is being made or implied (without producing supporting documentation) that he has successfully appealed his case, but the latest records as my search conducted on July 28, 2010, indicate that he has lost each and every time he attempted to appeal]:

People can obtain these records for themselves, free of charge at the NC Supreme Court Website by going to the link below and searching on Salvetti in the “Party” field:

Location: NC Court of Appeals (200)
Judge: Robert N. Hunter Jr.
Case #: 09-504
Location: Forsyth (21)
Case #: 07CRS55600
T r a c k i n g / A r g u e
Argue Date: #
O p i n i o n
D o c u m e n t s
Document Date Filed Cert of Service Rec/Brf Due Resp. Due Resp. Recvd Mailed Out Ruling Ruling Date
(1) NA-CQ-RD02-15-2010 Dismissed 06-16-2010
(2) PDR 02-15-2010 03-08-2010Denied 06-16-2010
Filed: 02-15-2010 @ 11:02:08
FOR: Defendant-Appellant Paul Joseph Salvetti
BY : Mr. Daniel R. Pollitt
Filed: 02-15-2010 @ 15:34:42
FOR: Defendant-Appellant Paul Joseph Salvetti
BY : Mr. Daniel R. Pollitt

If anyone has documentation to the contrary, feel free to post it in the comments and I will add an update to this posting. And yes, I want documentation, not unsupported assertions by people who claim to have inside info. Court cases are a matter of public record unless they have been sealed and there is no indication that this one has been sealed.

  1. seriously!!! permalink

    ur jus sad because they got sentence what they DIDNT deserve! but its okay!!! as u see no one belive what u say! u have no postings..but ill add one to show how alone u are! and show how ridicules you sound!.,if you think a boarded up room…bolongy sandwhiches…locks on the doors..and then the sisters are even talking now..and saying more then the “boy” said..then ur eather in denial..or sick in the head! too. jus like them and dont need to be having kids, and if you do then haha..god damn do i feel sry for them.
    or if your debbie or paul..then make your own appeal..or wait.. i wasted it..right after 2 didnt even wait to gather evidence. damn! tht haas to suck! ohhh well now u have a felony child abuse on ur hands…along with ur wonderul wife and have to deal with tht the rest of your life and the fact you LOST ALL!!! your kids!!
    ohh well sucks forr you!

    ps..and if this isnt you..thn im sure who ever it is can relay the message,

  2. Thank you for your comment. I’m not sure if your comment was intended to be addressed to me, but if so, I want to say that in my opinion, the Salvettis did get the sentence they deserved. I have read the court documents and I believe the children. I cannot relay any messages to the Salvettis because I have never been in touch with them and I doubt they would ever want to be in touch with me.

  3. seriously!!! permalink

    yea…i didnt read ur whole page i reacted jus from readig this i didnt kno u were a acuall blog person..haha..mi bad..

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