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Dr. Marolyn Morford Podcast: Reactive Attachment Disorder

August 31, 2010

Here is an excellent podcast by Clinical Psychologist Marolyn Morford on Reactive Attachment Disorder. Dr. Morford is a licensed clinician herself with over 25 years of experience who works with the very population of children with very serious behavior problems that RAD treatments target. She is highly critical of so-called “attachment therapy” treatments and discusses an alternative that is well supported by research. To listen to the podcast, go to:

This should put a myth to rest once and for all that the only people who criticize questionable therapies for RAD are people with no clinical experience. What Dr. Morford has to say is very much in line with the position taken by Jean Mercer and Advocates for Children in Therapy.


Dr. Marolyn Morford is a licensed clinical psychologist who practices in Pennsylvania. To set the record straight regarding some odd anonymous postings alleging that I am a “paid shill” for Dr. Morford or that she and I were in some way working together, the fact is I have no business relationship whatsoever with Dr. Morford and have never even met her. It is my impression that Dr. Morford already has a successful clinical practice she has had for many years and has no need to pay people to say they approve of her work. I posted the link to her podcast for informational purposes in response to repeated questions by supporters of certain therapists I criticized, asking me what therapies I do approve of. Now the smear campaign against me, it would seem, has been extended to include Dr. Morford.

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