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Monica Pignotti’s Current CV

September 19, 2010

Since the last page of an outdated copy of my CV has been posted in a rather confusing way on a certain other Word Press Blog by an individual who seemed to want to emphasize selective activities from my distant past, before I acquired any graduate degrees and another posting selectively presented a practice I have not been affiliated with for more than six years, to set the record straight for a more complete picture of my professional background, along with who I am and what I do in the present, here is the link to my full, current CV. One small correction: There was a delay in the printing of the journal for “Reactive Attachment Disorder and Late International Adoption: A Systematic Research Synthesis” and so the year of publication is now 2011, Volume 8, p. 30-49, rather than 2010.

Note: Since there seem to be some misunderstandings on what “in press” means, in the academic community, “in press” means that a paper has been accepted by peer reviewers and the journal for publication but has not yet come out in print. “In press” publications count as legitimate publications in academia because what it means is that the paper has passed inspection by peer reviewers and the editor and has been accepted.

Contrary to the false assertions of the propaganda against me that I am “stuck” on Scientology and TFT, my current CV reveals that I have a very wide range of interests and publications in peer reviewed journals and edited academic volumes on topics including evidence-based practice, international adoption, reactive attachment disorder, developmental disabilities, psychodynamic psychotherapy, meta-analysis, geriatrics, palliative care, social stigma, treatment guidelines for social phobia, critical analyses of novel unsupported practices (e.g. “energy” psychology, attachment therapy) and intervention choices made by clinical social workers. Note that I am not claiming to be an “expert” in all of these areas, but these are areas where my knowledge was sufficient to pass peer review and publish. I am responding here to the charge that all I ever write about is TFT and Scientology, which my CV shows is clearly not the case.

The folks who are generating the misleading and confusing anonymous postings about my background are very likely the same anonymous folks who have been spreading obvious falsehoods about me that I have been fired, arrested, am in jail and other malicious lies about me that are too obscene for me to post here, all because I have challenged and criticized certain therapies being promoted that I believe are dangerous and lacking in research support. I’ll leave it at that for now. People who are interested can read my CV and judge my background on its own merit.

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