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Tu Quoque Fallacy: A Classic Example

September 20, 2010

I don’t usually dignify that anonymous wordpress blogger by linking to his blog, but in this case, I can’t resist because the blog’s latest attack on me gives such a classic example of the tu quoque fallacy. This fallacy is a form of a red herring where instead of addressing the issue at hand, which is people who are offering therapy services to others proclaiming themselves to be “experts” they instead accuse the critic of doing the same thing (you too). There is also an argumentum ad verecundiam (argument from authority) being employed. Rather than address serious questions and concerns about the evidentiary support of the interventions they offer from self-published books, they use an argument from authority that they are “known”  (by whom?) to be “experts” and those who are criticizing them are not. Then, when they are called out on that, they employ the tu quoque (you too) fallacy, trying to contend that the critic is doing the same thing. Aside from the logical fallacy being employed, see my original posting where I explain the all too obvious differences between what I am doing and what the folks I criticize are doing. Even if I were doing exactly the same thing they are doing, however, it does not address the issue at hand.

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