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Why Are Randomized Clinical Trials So Important

November 12, 2010

For people who are wondering why anecdotes, testimonials, authoritative assertions and success based on clinical experience are not enough and why I keep harping on the necessity of randomized clinical trials to support claims for the effectiveness of various mental health practices, a book chapter that I co-authored with Bruce Thyer is available here, entitled Why Randomized Clinical Trials are Important and Necessary to Social Work Practice where my reasoning on this topic is fully explained. We describe what an RCT is and why they are so important and necessary. What we have to say in that chapter applies to all of the mental health professions. The chapter is part of an edited volume entitled Evidence-Based Practice: Modernising the Knowledge Base of Social Work? (Barbara Budrich, 2009). Description:

The quest to create an evidence-based social work practice is emerging strongly in different fields of social work and social policy. In this volume, internationally renowned proponents and opponents of this approach deliver profound analyses of the meaning and implications of an evidence-based perspective which clearly challenges the nature of the knowledge base of the established social work practice and reevaluates and reshapes the character of welfare professionalism.

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