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WordPress Stats: Search Terms that Brought People to this Blog

August 8, 2011

One of the most interesting and informative features provided by WordPress to bloggers is the search terms used on internet search engines that bring people to the blog. Here are the search terms for the past 30 days that have brought people to this blog.

Thus far, the posting that has generated the most interest was my posting on the Oprah show that featured followers of John of God. Searches related to Ronald Federici come in a close second and after that, postings related to Casey Anthony and those who have performed mental health evaluations on her.

The search term I am most curious about are the two who searched on “ronald s. federici v deborah a. greenwald” What’s that about? Whoever conducted this search, please feel free to contact me and enlighten me. Deborah Greenwald was listed on Ronald Federici’s letterhead in his “response to critics” so I found this search rather curious. Additionally, there is a 2009 photograph of Ms. Greenwald and Dr. Federici at a “Dracula is Dead” book signing. Please note that I am well aware that the fact someone searched on this doesn’t necessarily mean that there is really a lawsuit, only that two individuals did a search on that and must have suspected that there was, which begs the question of why one would suspect that. Has there been a defection or is this all just much ado about nothing and she is still his supporter and colleague? Time will tell.

2011-07-09 to Today

Search Views
john of god oprah 20
ronald federici lawsuit 11
ron federici lies 11
dr federici 8
casey anthony 6
harry krop casey anthony 6
professor jean mercer on holding therapy 5
casey anthony mental health diagnosis 5
oprah john of god 4
pignotti, m. (2011). reactive attachment disorder and international adoption: a systematic synthesis. scientific review of mental health practice, 8, 1 (pp. 30-49). 4
heather forbes 4
casey anthony mmpi 4
restraint dissociative identity disorder 4
jean mercer 4
harvard psychiatrist john of god 4
name two pseudo-scientific assessment procedures 3
casey anthony diagnosis 3
“prone restraint in connecticut” 3
dr. david tolin 3
robert hare criticism 3
federici colorado 3
dr. federici 3
proper use of restraints 3
monica pignotti 3
research on dr ronald federici 3
ronald federici attachment therapy 3
mental professionals involved in anthony trial 2
william weitz psychologist casey anthony 2
michellefrommadison 2
educating patients about seclusion and restraint 2
jean mercer reactive attachment disorder 2
“casey anthony’s mmpi results” 2
casey anthony psychology diagnosis 2
hare skeem 2
media diagnosis and trial of casey anthony 2
casey anthony mental illness 2
is harry krop reliable 2
defamation florida motion to dismiss for failure to state a claim upon which relief can be granted 2
dr krop mental health.casey anthony not normal 2
tu quoque fallacy 2
ranil gunewardene 2
deaths from restraint use 2
ron federici complaint 2
prone restraint sit on 2
unusual belief systems 2
john of god debunked 2
rage reduction therapy 2
myers briggs test opposition 2
psychiatric diagnosis of casey anthony 2
einstein quotes insanity 2
“ronald s. federici v deborah a. greenwald” 2
media portrayals of casey anthony 2
oprah meets john of god 2
casey anthony dr.harry krop 2
dr. harry krop 2
dr weitz on casey anthony’s iq 2
dr drew dr william weitz 2
task force federici 2
ron federici 2
pseudo-scientific assessment 2
steven hassan article 2 2
paul salvetti 2
dr harry krop 2
mercer, j., & pignotti, m. (2007). shortcuts cause errors in systematic research syntheses. 2
john of god harvard 2
casey anthony psychiatric 2
john of god harvard doctor 2
parts disorder 2
personality test fad 2
can pscholoogist diagnose patients they never examined 2
casey anthony weitz 2
dr ron federici 2
monica pignotti blog 2
ronald federici 2
evidence based research, restraints restraints 2
does casey anthony have a mental illness 2
prone restraint deaths federici 2
diagnosing cults 2
ron federici statement of claim 2
dr. michael rediger harvard 1
mental diagnosis for someone who believes they are god 1
john of god on opra show 1
reviews and feedback about dr. ronald federici 1
dr. weitz casey anthony 1
taping therapies 1
cary weidermann fairfax underground address 1
expert proof that casey is a sociopath 1
dr. ronald s. federici kook 1
dr. ronald s. federici 1
dissociative identity scientology 1
scientology stigma 1
narcissistic mothers ad hominem 1
psychodynamic therapist self-confirmation bias 1
john the god oprah 1
judith herman quotes silence speaking out 1
harmful therapy 1
oprah-interview with john of god 1
mbti pseudo science 1
restraints in pyschology 1
john of god sceptic 1
dr rediger john of god 1
john of god slight of hand 1
google pignotti, m. (2011). reactive attachment disorder and international adoption: a systematic 1
should mental online diagnosis be done 1
anthony immaturity 1
what is the difference between supression of demafation and supression of free speech 1
narcissistic personality disorder assessment instruments 1
what is casey anthonys mental diagnosis 1
casey anthony mood disorder 1
what does a therapists have to do to diagnose multiple personality 1
doctor rediger 1
dr krop forenzic 1
does media convicts people before trial 1
cult recovery therapy 1
john of god skeptic 1
therapist + guru 1
when will dorothy clay sims be on dr. drew? 1
dr weitz evaluation of casey 1
what is casey anthony’s psychological diagnosis 1
potentially harmful work practices 1
casey anthony psychiatrist interviewed 1
guest on opera john who cures cancer 1
myers briggs science assessment 1
dr. ronald federici 1
dodo bird verdict common factors 1
what kind of mental illness casey anthony 1
lilienfeld chilling hare 1
myers briggs type indicator controversy 1
stroger hospital and jcaho 1
scott lillenfeld dissociate 1
reactive attachment disorder in teenagers and therapy pdf 1
media bias criminal trial 1
oprah john of good brazil debunk 1
dr. harry krop interview with dr. drew 1
dr. weitz about casey anthony 1
will casey anthony’s psych evaluations be released 1
“steve hassan” “casey anthony” 1
pcma merrill winston 1
psycologist that interviewed casey anythony 1
ad hominem blog use of real name 1
psychic in oprah 1
death by restraint 2010 1
embezzlement cases in georgia 1
“nancy spoolstra” narcissist 1
evaluation therapeutic intervention 1
will a mental health evaluation find narcissism 1
nancy grace casey psychiatrist 1
keep tricking media with false reports about casey anthony 1
psychiatrist who evaluated casey anthony says no sociopathy or personality disorder 1
what psychological test did dr. krop performed on casey anthony 1
judith herman and quote marathon 1
what is casey anthony’s ancestry 1
what is the law regarding restraint for special need children in public school in florida 1
restrained+free video 1
casey anthony psychiatrist examination 1
restraints in the mental health field in 2011 1
online mental illness diagnosis 1
safest restraint procedures 1
did the anthon defense submit a bill for dr. weitz to the state 1
michael shermer on oprah 1
jean mercer, parental expectations 1
casey anthony mental assessment 1
judge bruce lee docket current cases 1
headline news bias casey anthony 1
strange cults of the past 1
attachment podcast 1
deaths in prone restraint 1
dangers of pseudoscientific myers briggs 1
a little bit narsisstic 1
mental health assessment for narcissism 1
jane fonda mental illness 1
federici cult 1
ex cult member therapists 1
opresion to international adoption 1
casey anthony,dr. william weitz 1
cults mbti 1
dr drew guest eleven years in prison 1
amanda knox diagnosis 1
dr harry krop casey anthony 1
how to address reactive attachment disorder 1
what mental health drs examined casey anthony while in jail 1
“international society for the study of trauma and dissociation” merckelbach 1
dr drew show 20 hours casey anthony 1
krop narcissism 1
dissociative identity disorder, counseling 1
dr. krop casey anthony 1
my own online diagnosis 1
july 15 dr. drew with dr. harvey krop 1
the fact that people with dissociative identity disorder have different pet scan readouts when in their different “personalities” is evidence for the __________ explanation of dissociative disorders. 1
were there any quotes from professional who had done psychological assessments on casey anthony case 1
dr. drew guest with krop woman wrongfully convicted 1
casey anthony italian american 1
narcissism bogus diagnosis 1
man therapy position 1
dr. drew women in prison for 11 years for killing child innocent 1
casey anthony myers briggs 1
copy of invite just in case it gets lost 1
psych testing for casey anthony 1
psychologist who interviewed casey anthony 1
childhood regression attachment 1
mbti shift 1
dr drews former convicted murder guests 1
are mental health workers arrogant and narcissistic 1
dr.crop examines casey anthony 1
casey anthony jail psychiatrists dr kro 1
have you been john of god 1
disorder and treatment parts 1
casey anthonys pyciatric test 1
brazilian john of god and harvard doctor 1
harry krop on dr. drew 1
amanda knox did it 1
dr krop evaluates casey anthony narcissist 1
mental health expert opinions on casey anthony 1
michigan psych anti-cult 1
casey anthony harry krop 1
oprah psychic ted 1
john of god pseudoscience 1
william weitz phd casey anthony 1
casey anthony media bias 1
judge bruce lee docket 1
forensic psychologist dr. harry krop bio 1
foster parent sue improper placement of child 1983 claim 1
dr krop assessment casey anthony 1
some therapists consider “did” to be? 1
richard scott narcissist 1
what type of interview would a counseler conduct with casey anthony 1
harry krop phd disciplined 1
perpetrators first line of defence 1
heather forbes in birmingham, alabama 1
federici credentials 1
mr. and mrs. salvetti, federici’s clients 1
dr weitz casey anthony 1
dodo bird effect bruce wampold 1
weitz examined anthony 1
amanda knox and casey anthony both sociopaths 1
dissociative identity disorder “casey anthony” therapy 1
heather aggression 1
bruce thyer 2011 1
casey anthonys family in a cult 1
tappingtherapies 1
challenge serge lang 1
ron federici reviews 1
prone restraint research findings 1
harry krop, forensic psychologist, defense bias? 1
does casey anthony have a psychogical problem 1
attachment videos children 1
federici child death 1
restraining techniques for violent mentally ill 1
john of god, november 18, 2010 1
federici safety containment hold 1
academic lawsuits 1
is there a diagnosis for casey anthony 1
dr. william weitz psychiatrist 1
what type of test did dr krop give casey anthony 1
casey anthony’s mmpi 1
obeying the authority 1
narcacistic casey anthony dr. drew 1
john of god and oprah winfrey show 1
steve hassan boston church of christ 1
robert hare n y times 1
adopted age 2 and attachment issues 1
my experience in scientology 1
late adoptees 1
employee sues state of georgia? 1
restraints in palm beach 1
npr multiple personality disorder 1
chaffin m., hanson r., saunders b., nichols t, et alt. (2006), report of the apsac task force on attachment therapy, reactive attachment disorder, and attachment problems. child maltreatment, 03/2006. 1
therapy harmful mental illness 1
dr krop casey anthony 1
restraints should never be used for treatment or behavior modification 1
dissociative identity disorder and cults 1
harmful therapy approach 1
toxic psychotherapy 1
dr federici virginia 1
problems that adoptees raised in institutions face 1
cases of people trying to attack casey anthony 1
jane fonda narcissistic personality disorder 1
ron federici and debbie greenwald 1
salvetti cild abuse nc 1
casey anthony dr. drew behavior 1
positive aspects psychotherapy for dissociative identity disorder 1
krop casey anthony 1
david tolin 2011 1
what do you think are potentially the most harmful aspects of therapy for a client? 1
sic mulher oprah john of god 1
dr jeffrey rediger oprah 1
candace tiara elmore 1
federici pharmacology 1
academic freedom law suits 1
are you support online diagnosis on mental disorders? 1
“primal therapy” 1
restraints as therapy 1
anthony federici ronald federici mafia 1
martha welch +attachment therapy+ law suits 1
report of the apsac/apa division 37 task force on attachment therapy, reactive attachment disorder and attachment problems 1
“harmful therapies” 1
flavil yeakley personality 1
charly d miller site back up 1
pignotti federici 1
casey anthoney dr krop 1
questionable psychotherapy 1
casey anthony dr. drew dr. krop 1
ophra john of god 1
what type of psych treatment does casey anthony need 1
bruce thyer quote 1
split brain and multiple personality 1
balkanization in soviet union 1
amanda knox italian criminal justice system 1
the studies have shown no unusual 1
charly millers web site 1
pseudoscience nancy thomas 1
was casey anthony convicted by the media 1
moica pignotti steve hassan 1
borderline mbti type 1
nancy grace is creating a mob mentality-casey anthony 1
questionable health interventions 1
state hospitals banning prone restraints 1
dual phd federici 1
she restraints 1
dr. ron federici law truble 1
dr. jeffrey rediger 1
ron federici vs 1
myth childhood robyn dawes 1
http://www.dr. federici 1
restraint death ny 1
treatment for reactive attachment disorder in adults pdf 1 1
balkanization of the term balkan 1
did the media help convict casey anthony 1
what is the legal principle does the casey anthony case stand for 1
debbie greenwald ronald federici 1
proper use of emphasis added 1
online diagnosis mental 1
2011 clinical update on aggression 1
examples of pseudo-scientific assessment procedures 1
adoption and attachment during late childhood 1
what is balkanisation 1
“ron federici is a horrible person” 1
ways to prevent obedience to authority 1
heather forbes lcsw divorce florida 1
dr drew questions casey anthony’s doctor 1
correlation between cults and hypnosis 1
what is hand item crank scientology 1
prone restrain banned 1
robin macfarlane ph.d. 1
mayers briggs 2011 forbes 1
nancy grace’s theory on amanda knox case 1
online defamation lawsuit 1
scientology and hypnosis to get people to join 1
“jasper mountain” +hold 1
account on john of god it sounds 1
amy owen “cochran and owen” 1
monica pignotti steven hassan 2011 1
headline news casey anthony diagnosis 1
federici suit 1
agression questioners 1
what if no research available 1
disorder that are controversial because patients try to satisfy their therapists 1
can psychotherapy be injurious 1
therapy clients 1
questionable psychology 1
oprah opinion john of god 1
therapist can be harmful 1
is john of gods herbs harmful 1
blog exposing pseudoscience 1
“reactive attachment disorder” and seclusion restraint 1
mental harmful 1
va attachment therapist in lawsuite 1
cult dissassociative disorder 1
valle oberg 1
dr federici restraint holds 1
“fairfax underground” lawsuit 1
npr multiple personalities normal 1
william weitz casey anthony 1
“truth is socially constructed” 1
scientology not supported scientifically 1
distance diagnosis 1
bret seabury 1
did the casey anthony case have reliable and relevant evidence 1
advocates for dissociative identity disorder 1
narcissistic parent diagnosis 1
ron federici’s children 1
ronald federici pageflakes 1
defamatory consumers complaint psychotherapist 1
attachment parenting, reason for not using therapeutic holds 1
dr. jeff rediger and john mack 1
connell watkins 1
face down restraint 1
sirhan under hynotic contral 1
ron federici critics 1
candace newmaker death 1
casey anthony psychological evaluation nancy grace 1
deprivation specific psychological pattern dsp 1
dorothy clay sims who was she making a face at when cheney mason was talking 1
william weitz casey anthony’s psychologist 1
international adoption is harmful 1
seclusion and restraint are not treatment 1
casey anthony psychologist no diagnosis 1
casey anthony psychiatric diagnosis 1
self diagnosis mental health online 1
personality disorder of cult followers 1
narcissism assessment valid and 1
dr. harry krop + casey anthony + interviews 1
jennifer skeem and david cooke 1
hartford courant developmental disabilities restraint 1
videos on how to do a restraint in a 1
what is a person beliefs system 1
diagnose mental disorder online 1
therapy clients or therapy patients 1
seclusion and restraint + treatment failure 1
what has happened to amanda knox 1
lawsuit hare psychopathy 1
advice from ex cult members 1
oprah positive john of god 1
restraint training for parents 1
what is evidence-based therapeutic interventions 1
what does dr. drew say about casey anthony getting therapy 1
judith herman quotes 1
amanda knox appeal burden of proof 1
casey anthony media portrayal 1
does having a diagnosis mean you are mentally ill 1
treatment cult 1
what it means balkanized world of science 1
is casey anthony italian 1
apsac federici 1
amanda knox psychological evaluation 1
dissociative identity disorder how to tell if someone is faking 1
narcissism fad 1
how the media portrayed the casey anthony trial 1
john of god oprah utun 1
what kind of mental illness does casey anthony have? 1
dr rediger interview on oprah 1
what professionals say about narcissist 1
mcnally federici 1
is narcissistic personality disorder a scientific diagnosis 1
dan brown phd sirhan sirhan 1
possible harmful therapies 1
dr. ron federici complaints 1
“dr. ronald s. federici complaints” 1
ron federici miller 1
npr personalities 1
authoritarian therapist 1
john of god oprah woman with breast cancer 1
mpd the therapist’s role 1
mental health assessment and diagnosis courses on line 1
prone resrtaint cases 1
“michellefrommadison” 1
therapists who believe in did 1
pcma face down restraint 1
order granting motion 1
ronald federici opinion 1
charley d millar 1
mental disorder online diagnosis 1
william weitz, phd casey anthony 1
can a person be a little bit narcissistic. 1
candice newmaker law 1
monica pignotti steve hassan 1
how much mental health does casey anthony need 1
robert hare critique 1
ronald federici licence 1
best video for patient restraints 1
john of god brazil wikipedia harvard doctor

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