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Correction to Misinformation about Larry Sarner and Advocates for Children in Therapy

August 26, 2011

The anonymous WordPress bloggers are at it again, this time posting misinformation about the domain registration of claiming it is registered to “Candace Newmaker” when the actual link to the registration clearly shows it is not. And, as usual, they bring my name into it even though I am no longer associated with ACT. Nevertheless, here is what my “whois” search revealed.

Here is the link to the actual domain registration:

Why the need for such dishonest tactics? No mention of Candace Newmaker there. It clearly states that the domain is registered to Larry Sarner, not Candace Newmaker. In the posting, the smear bloggers appear to have done a switch with and hoped no one would notice. Later, another discussion was brought to my attention that someone identifying himself as Larry Sarner participated who denied registering What it looks like is that the smear campaigners are up to their usual antics and have bought the domain and registered it using Sarner’s address. That would be very easy to do, as no one asks for ID when one registers a domain. Last year they bought the domain so why not this one as well.

Why the need to lie and misrepresent? Because the smear campaigners have no actual rebuttal to the criticism and exposure that Advocates for Children does of bogus therapies.

Recently an attempt to silence ACT and other critics, through a lawsuit failed.

This kind of obsession with domain registrations doesn’t address the issues at hand. Why not try addressing the issues at hand, rather than these ridiculous attempts to smear the critics? It seems they are incapable of any kind of substantive rebuttal.

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