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Jodi Arias Case: Juan Martinez Cross-Examination of Psychologist Expert Begins

March 19, 2013

During the last hour of court yesterday, prosecutor Juan Martinez’s cross-examination of psychologist defense expert Richard Samuels began and it has already been devastating. Martinez demonstrated that Arias lied on the assessment for PTSD, listing the main event responsible as the one she now admits she lied about, that two intruders broke into Travis’ home and murdered him. Amazingly, Samuels gave her this test and accepted her answer, even though he knew her story was not credible and strongly suspected she was lying. He admitted he made a mistake in not readministering the test.

Prosecutor Martinez also exposed the fact that Samuels exceeded his role, which was to evaluate Arias, by sending her a self-help book and cards when he learned she was depressed and suicidal.

The cross-examination is available on YouTube and there will be more to come today. Martinez has just barely gotten started. Stay Tuned.

I do hope his grossly inaccurate claims about dissociative amnesia and PTSD get challenged and the actual controversy over this exposed, but for the purposes of the case, that might not even be necessary, given that it was shown the test results were invalid to begin with, since she lied.

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  1. midwest3 permalink

    What was amazing is that even the psychologist admitted it would have been wise to re-administer the tests on which he based much of his diagnoses. He knew Jodi Arias was not truthful – yet the fact that she repeatedly lied doesn’t seem to have had any affect on how he interpreted her “test” results. How strange.The Prosecutor has absolutely destroyed this man’s credibility.

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