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Science and Pseudoscience in Clinical Psychology: Second Edition

July 12, 2014

Guilford Press has just announced the Second Edition of Science and Pseudoscience in Clinical Psychology which can be ordered in hard back or a less expensive paperback and available October 2014.

I am honored to be the author, with Bruce Thyer of Chapter 7: New Age and Related Novel Unsupported Therapies in Mental Health Practice (Scott O. Lilienfeld, Jeffrey Lohr and Steven Jay Lynn, editors). This was the chapter that was authored by Margaret Singer in the first edition, so I am especially honored to have been asked to author this. The First Edition from 2003 was a major influence on my professional life and was very instrumental in the epiphany I had about Thought Field Therapy and also what is wrong with some of the “parts” therapies and other questionable spin-offs of the highly discredited therapies of the 90s that have morphed into other things – and a great deal more. Although not discussed specifically in the chapter, some of these same techniques have been used by self-proclaimed “cult experts”.

There are also updated chapters on the DID controversy, recovered memories, child and adolescent disorders including a chapter authored by Jean Mercer on “attachment therapy” as well as controversial treatments for autism and ADHD. This book will be well worth the read.

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  1. Well Done! permalink

    Congratulations Monica!: on authoring that chapter in the second edition of that wonderful book. They could not have chosen a more deserving and qualified person to write the chapter.

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