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  1. james black permalink

    Dr Janeen DeMarte has very limited experience as a clinical psycologist and probably not qualified to be a star prosecution witness in the Arias trial. People should check fpr anycomplaints registered against her. Has had Doctroata for less than four years. The defense will anialted her on cross examination.

    • I couldn’t disagree with you more. Alyce LaViolette has no doctorate whatsoever and her evaluation was shown to be subjective and unscientific (her 30+ years of experience means nothing in light of this) and Dr. Samuels showed himself to be so incompetent his years and years of experience means very little. Both of the defense witnesses have been utterly devastated by the prosecution. 30 years of experience means nothing if they cannot show that the job they did of assessment was competent. Dr. Damarte’s four years are far better than the 30 + years of the discredited witnesses for the defense. You might want to check out some of my blog articles where I explain what the research shows about this so-called “experience” More experience does not necessarily mean more competency or superior results. I would take Dr. Damarte over Samuels or Laviolette any day of the week and I bet the jury will too.

      Dr. Damarte represents the wave of the future. Mental health professionals who are actually trained to do scientifically competent evaluations. She has far more credibility and is to be congratulated for her accomplishments.

  2. Ms Pignotti,
    I immensely enjoy reading your posts, especially on de-bunking woo and pseudo-science. It is wonderful that educated and professional people are starting to shed light on these practices. In particular, john of god, Oprah, Dr Oz and others. FYI, john of god is still going strong despite all these de-bunkings. There are claims the Catholic Church honored him with Papal titles and such. A ‘new age quack dr’ Kiran Schmidt, who practices ‘energy medicine'( and is worth a whole expose on this) posts signed papal documents

    Another JOG follower, Gail Thrackray stated in the Toronto News that JOG was sanctioned by the Pope!

    What does this all mean?

  3. Mike Fekula permalink

    Ms. Pignotti,
    I am appreciating your blog and have a question for you. Back in the day — for me the 1970’s when I worked at several crisis hotlines, there were a variety of psychotherapies that were all the rage: Carl Rogers w/ Rogerian Therapy; Albert Ellis’ Rational-Emotive Therapy; Bill Glasser’s Reality Therapy; and of course Fritz Perls’ Gestalt Therapy. People who were doing various kinds of counseling work or had a general interest in psychology would often get into these involved conversations about various modes of therapy.

    I found that some of the people who really got into Gestalt Therapy turned out to be problematic. There was a term we used back in the day: The Gestalt Dictator. This was the sort of counselor/therapist who could be very controlling; they expected people to open up and spill the beans about their lives — as a way of gaining control over them — and of course if one refused to disclose then they were automatically labeled as emotionally blocked, suppressed, unable to feel anything blah blah blah. I am sure Gestalt Therapy was not the only mode of therapy that attracted this kind of authoritarian personality, they just seemed to have more than their share.

    Do you have any articles, blog posts, and/or publications you can refer me to that has information on this sort of dangerous therapist/counselor? Thanks in advance.

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